Lisa Hohn

I am a Traverse City based artist whose creations are abstract, arbitrary, and often accidental. Fluid acrylic paints are combined with iridescent and metallic micas to produce unique decorative pieces. I also enjoy creating functional items, along with jewelry made with recycled drippings from larger works.

Despite having never painted before, I began experimenting three years ago with a variety of painting styles, finally settling on fluid art because of its chaotic nature. The results are unpredictable, and I embrace the fact that handmade art is imperfect by nature and distinctive by design.

Hopefully, my style encourages the viewer’s imagination through color, composition, and a sense of movement. I’m delighted when someone appreciates my art enough to display it in their space. I enjoy experimenting with new designs and mediums to keep the collection fresh, and my recent retirement means I can be found in my new studio more often than not.